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Volunteering With the Help Desk
It is difficult for a Non-profit to function without the remarkable service of Volunteers. Our Volunteer "Army", give of their time, labor, and resources to achieve our goal; service with meaning and purpose! They are everyday people making a difference in our Mid-South community.
Our volunteers are the best! From writing letters to our Mid-South enlisted trainees, to assisting & serving our veterans at our local outreaches/workshops, to promoting our community's involvement, to fundraising on our behalf; we are very grateful to have this amazing group of selfless volunteers. We could always us an extra set of hand. Volunteer Today, group opportunities available!
Ways To Volunteer
. Coordinate Special Events
. Event Support
. Fundraising
. Groups & Individual
. Present/Train at Veteran Outreach/Workshop
.Support Service Orgranizations &Veteran Community
. Teach Life Skills Classes
. Write encouraging letters to our Mid-South enlisted trainees
. Train or Assist at Veteran Workshop
. Volunteer with us in support of our Sister Veteran Organizations & Government Agencies
Thank You for your support, and we truly appreciate your humble generosity to our Home-Town Service Members!
If you would like to become a volunteer, please fill-out our Volunteer Sign-up Roster.
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