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The Mid-South Veterans Help Desk, Inc. welcomes our supporting contributors to enjoy a visable presence on our website for a donation amount of just 100 bucks/month. Creating a visable presence on our website will introduce your brand to our Veterans, Service Members, their Families, Government/Local agencies, and our site visitors, on a website that targets over 90,000 Veterans and thousands of local Service Heroes!



Relationship building or sponor cultivation, is the foundation on which supporting our community takes place. Our sponsor relations and stewardship professionals at the Mid-South Veterans Help Desk, support sponorship by Recognizing and Thanking our  sponsors, and demonstrating the impact of their donations in a fashion that will cultivate a viable relationship between you, as a Sponsor & our nonprofit organization.


Financial Sponsor
In-Kind Sponsor
Media Sponsor
Location Sponsor
Labor Sponsor
Signature Sponsor
*Details provided at the bottom of this page.*

Levels of Corporate Sponsorship

Presidential Seal
. $5,000 >
. Veterans Benefits/Employer workshop
. 2 Special Ads on our website
. Standard Ad on our website
. Full page Ad in Veteran Services Directory
. Live mention at multiple venues on day of event
. Booth Space (Event/Outreach/Workshop)
. VIP Admission Tickets (Military Formal)
Star Level Sponsor
.  $2,500 >
. Special Ad on our website
. Standard Ad on our website
. Full page Ad in Veteran Services Directory
. Live mention at multiple venues on day of event
. Booth Space (Event/Outreach/Workshop)
. VIP Admission Tickets (Military Formal)
Bar Level Sponsor
Stripe Level Sponsor
. $1,000 >
. Standard Ad on our website
. Standard Ad in Veteran Services Directory
. Advertise at multiple venues on day of event
. Booth Space (Workshop/Outreach)
. Free Tickets
(Military Formal)
. $500 >
. Standard Ad in Veteran Services Directory
. Booth Space (Workshop/Outreach)

Thank You For Your Selfless Giving!

All Contributions are Tax-Deductible by law.


Checks may be made payable to: Mid-South Veterans Help Desk, to mail a donation please print and complete this form to accompany your donations. 


Mail to: PO Box 342505, Memphis, TN 38184


To  continue please complete our Sponsor's Contribution Form:

* Explanation of Ways to Sponsor


Financial Sponsors

A company may sponsor our organization by becoming a finacial sponsor. Our financial sponsor contributes a gift in exchange for benefits outlined in a sponsorship agreement. Benefits include an opportunity to promote your company to our membership & audience; an advertisement or mention in offical programs, newsletters & press releases; or signage or logos on promotional materials.


In-Kind Sponsors

In-Kind sponsors donate goods or services rather than cash as their sponsorship offering. We generally need In-Kind sponsorship for our Veteran Events, Outreaches, &/or Workshops. We will also consider In-Kind Sponsorship for our capital campaign.


Media Sponsors

A media sponsor is a company that fiances or secures media coverage for an organization, program, or event. The advantage of this way of sponsorship is that you as our sponsors, may simultaneously promote your own company by tagging ads with your business logo and verbiage such as "brought to you by", "sponsored by", or "powered by" the name of your company.


Location Sponsors

A business may offer the use of its facilities as a form of sponsorship.


Labor Sponsors

An agency/company that donates the time of its talent of its employee is considered a labor sponsor. In this instance, you agency/company allows its employees to work on behalf of a charity of our community organization during normal work hours.


Signature Sponsors

In the event that we have a sponsor who choose to set themselves apart with their gifts, they may propose an offer to  become the lead or signature sponsor. Our Signature sponsors enjoy Veterans Benefits Trainings, a free exhibit booth and an opportunity to adrress attendees,  while aour lower-level sponsor may donate significantly less and enjoy lower-level perks, such as a mention in the event program or free tickets.

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