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   Our Vision as a Veteran Resource Center, is to cultivate and build a strong Mid-South military/veteran community. We are siting our target in four (4) ways by: 1) educating & equipping our "Home-Town Heroes" with the tools & resources necessary to make a successful adjustment into self-sufficiency, 2) by providing a localized lens to enhance the scope of the TAPs program to include individualized case management, 3) supporting & collaborating with Federal/Local Government agencies, Veteran Service Organizations, the corporate sector, fellow non-profit organizations, & those in the Mid-South community with a legitimate Military/Veteran's program, & 4) by investing into the future our local communitites.


   The Mid-South Veterans Help Desk, Inc.'s First Sergeant's Veteran Care Program addresses the individual veteran's transitional goals, & emphasize service members  re-integrating back into the Mid-South region. Focusing on the locality of our veterans enables our Heroes to access local benefits, resources, & programs as well as the VA assistance. The "1st Shirt" Program includes: case management, access to federal/local resources & hands-on assistance, and development opportunities through effective training & workshops.


   The Vet Help Desk, is a grassroots non-profit organization (501[c][3]). Our Mission is to educate, re-integrate, & to provide outreach, supportive services, & specialized programs to our Mid-South Service Members, Veterans, & Their Dependents.


   The Mission is executed by a collabrative effort between the Vet Help Desk, Federal/Local Government Agencies, the Local Business & Non-Profit communities, local colleges & universities, & members of the Inter-Faith community. These organizations provide many of the services offered to our veterans, we serve as referral liason between our veterans & their service providers. We strive to provide our local veterans with a "road-map" to offer clearity and direction while trying to utilize their entitlements & eligiblity of services.


   The Goal of the Vet Help Desk, is to assure that our veterans receive adequate training & education in regards to their veteran benefits & entitlements. We aim to resolve problems which conflict with veterans & their dependents' abilty to experience a "seemless" re-integration back into civilian life. Furthermore, having a proactive approach to education & training can eliminate many of the mis-steps taken during the transitional process. Our ability to receive veteran feedback allows us to chart & record measurable data which has given us the capibility to track the success of the Veterans Services provided, almost assures us the opportunity to follow-up with our local veterans, & allows us to nurture a viable relationship between our veterans & the local community.



   The Mid-South Veterans Help Desk Inc. (Vet Help Desk), was formed in 2010, by a group of veterans in the Greater Memphis Area who were motivated by their personal experiences of revolving through the VA & Local/State Government systems, as well as working in the VA & Local/State Government systems. After gaining the experience and understanding of the transitional process while nurturing the ability to identify the gaps in services, we noticed that many of our local heroes were failing to connect, the group began to volunteer their time & services to their local community and the telephone would not stop ringing! Initially, assisting veterans with disability claims, benefits, pension/compensations, next the volunteers began to address the veteran homeless community, following that the servant-leaders began to assist their fellow comrades with employment searches & resume writing, and continuing with their mission they started collaborating with other Mid-South community organizations to coordinate local veteran outreaches, & finally the group decided to make things official to impact their military community by gaining their 501(c)(3), tax exempt status.


   We work as a localized resource to our military community because we have found that it is our local communities collectively that give so much more to their returning heroes! It is important that: our combat veterans are nurtured back into a non-hostile environment, our Service Members are educated, trained, & prepared for the transitional process, our Military Families are aware of the services & programs that are entitled to them, & that the VetHelpDesk, "bridge the gap" between our local Veterans & the place that they call home.

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