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Our Mission

is to be advocates first, to educate, help re-integrate, and to provide supportive services to all active duty, guard/reservist. veterans, & the dependents within the Mid-South community.

This is accomplished by: Providing direct services to veterans and their families, collaborating with like-minded organizations to provide referral services in the best interest of veterans & their families, and to seek out underserved groups of veterans populations to include: women, re-entry, homeless, veterans needing sustainability, spouses & survivors, dependents, caregivers, unfavorable discharge status, & previous era veterans.

The VetHelpDesk understands the transitional experience while Navigating Veterans Towards Post Military Success.

 The Veteran Help Desk

is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3), founded by military veterans to provide direct support, informational, & referral assistance to transitioning service members, post transitional veterans, & their families. The VetHelpDesk was established to serve as a Veterans Resource Center, focusing on sharing access & awareness to both community resources & veteran services alike. Our Veteran Resource Center work with likeminded local agencies to provide outreach, to orientate our military community & to build support networks within the Greater Memphis area. 



First Sergeant's  Transition to Success

First Sergeant is one who is there to provide a dedicated focal point for all readiness, health, morale, welfare and quality-of-life issues within his or her organization."
This Care Management System address veterans with challenges accessing veteran related programs & give relief to those needing help obtaining community resources, in order to gain sustainability during the transition between active military to civilian status. Our program provides a continuum of care for former service members & their families needing assistance with services to include: Housing, Employment, Income, Food & Nutrition, Childcare, Education, Healthcare, Life Skills, Support Networks, Transportation, Legal, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Disabilities, & Financial Management.

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Veteran Resource Center

Reinvent Yourself:
Keys To Successfully Kick Starting Your Civilian Life After Military Service 


He Who Fails To Plan, Plans To Fail


   Whatever route you take when discharging from the Military; whether it is a medical disability, retirement, or four & out, you should always do your homework. Plan to plan ahead! Research is key when planning your transition, & one must understand the civilian life that you are preparing to enter. Don't take for granted the tools you have now, that you may not have tomorrow!


Cover All of Your Bases


   Enroll in your local Veterans Affairs Healthcare System immediately! Your health & your family's well-being is a priority. Find out if you are eligible for VA services. Get familiar with other services & programs offered at the VA Hospital, or off-site. Seek advice about your Veteran's benefits, get evaluated if you believe that you qualify to file for a disability rating. Be proactive with entitlements, do not allow a miss-step to catch up with you years from now.


For The Record


   Once it's certain that you are discharging from the Military, it is very important that you begin to keep a Military Records file. This file should consist of a complete history of your Military medical records, DD214, Discharge Papers, Orders (all if possible), & any ribbons, medals, or LOA's that you have received during your career. Be sure to file any leadership or job skill training awards & certificates, as well as any credit hours that you may have completed.


Pay It Forward


   Get Involved! Join your local Veteran Service Organization. Use this opportunity to network & learn to understand the veteran resources that may be available in your community. Learn the political process of how Veteran rights are fought. There's power in numbers, & in the Greater Memphis Area of West Tennessee, East Arkansas, & Northern Mississippi there are over 90,000 Veterans.  


Location, Location, Location


   When selecting a "place to call home" we should always consider a safe environment to raise a family or a place to be an active member of your community; furthermore, you should consider relocating to an area where you can harness & grow the skills that you have obtained from your military service. Select a location that allows you to utilize your educational benefits to best fit your career goals.


Work Smarter, Not Harder


    Return home with a detailed plan of how to utilize your VA benefits. Ideally, your Military benefits where designed to help ease the burdens of the transitional process. 

    Along, with your educational benefits, Veterans qualify for Federal & local government work study. The VA Work-study program allow Veterans utilizing their GI Bill to work up to 20 hours/wk. in a part-time environment to help with some of their expenses, and also giving our Veterans additional professional experience to add to their resume.